March 2017 Meeting

Lauren McCartney led a conversation and brainstorming session for how we plan to move forward as social justice educators in this challenging time. We reflected on last month’s teach-in and the thoughts and words from our incredible panelists, and drew inspiration from an excerpt of Rethinking Our Classrooms.


We also heard an update from the CEC’s three committees: organizing & activism, communication, and professional development.

3/19 Slides

CEC Monthly Meeting 3/19

8/28/16 Meeting Notes

Emily Connor facilitated a back-to-school workshop, in which participants developed their intentions, goals, and strategies for the first few weeks of school, collected feedback from peers, and shared their hopes and fears. Matt Reed updated attendees on the work of the Organizing Committee in supporting Measure 97, and the group discussed the progress and scope of the Communications and Professional Development Committees.

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7/27/16 Meeting Notes

We discussed the expansion of the CEC, especially considering the relocation of CEC members to new regions, and conducted a balanced overview of Measure 97, reading and discussing arguments both for and against the measure. The CEC members present voted to formally support Measure 97 as an organization.

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7/7/16 Meeting Notes

Several current members of the CEC met with eleven new MAT students at Lewis and Clark, who are interested in establishing a group like the CEC, or a potential chapter of the CEC, for their graduating class of 2017. Then, the current CEC members checked in about the success of the “Passing the Torch” cupcake event, the status of subcommittees, and made a checklist of actions and future directions. The group took a vote to extend the terms of Chair and Co-Chair to six months, which passed with a 100% majority vote.

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5/18/16 Meeting Notes

Bryan Dykman and Kailyn Kent presented their observations and research concerning the use of video games in an English Language Arts curriculum in order to boost relevancy and student choice, and to address sexism, racism, body image, corporate profiteering, and violence in popular culture. We also discussed and voted on (1) CEC membership dues, and (2) the creation of a formal, elected position of treasurer.

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4/27/16 Meeting Notes

Emily Thackery reviewed and introduced mindfulness practices that can be used personally and in the classroom. She also discussed trauma, recovery, the Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) score, and the role of neuroplasticity in the recovery from childhood trauma. Attendees of the meeting shared  related mindfulness practices. Members also discussed the status of foundational documents concerning the CEC’s mission and functioning, the upcoming Committee on Diversity and Inclusion meeting at Lewis and Clark College, and previewed other future directions.

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3/29/16 Meeting Notes

Hannah Ingham presented a model lesson for a secondary level mathematics class. In the lesson, students read about the current activism occurring in Portland in opposition to offshore drilling, and learn about historical oil spills. Then, students calculate volumes for given metrics (i.e. a bathtub, a water tower,) to better understand the extent of these oil spills.

The meeting marked the first opportunity for the CEC Committees (Organizing & Advocacy, Communications & Outreach, and Professional Development,) to meet and decide on initial directions.

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